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Who IS Luke John Harrison?

A Life Coach and motivational speaker, who deals with anxiety..

Amazon Best selling author and Spiritual teacher who talks no bullshit..

A Cat Daddy who has a passion for coffee, board games and Heavy metal music..

After a bad break up with an ex several years back, and being accused of assault (wrongfully), Dealing with mass amounts of anxiety in a previous ‘job’ I hated and one day heading to a pharmacy to grab as many pills as I could to end it all…

My story is best explained in the ‘mini movie’ above..

But in a nutshell, I came from an ‘average upbringing, plenty love in the house, I never got everything I wanted, but I got everything I needed.

My parents split when I was about 10, which I didn’t realise affected me in my young adult life with several relationship breakups, cheating on ex partners, taking loads of cocaine and ecstasy on a weekend because of several bouts of bullying at school my confidence was pretty low, using drugs and alcohol helped raise it (temporarily)..

Amongst several other things, Quite basically, Now I choose to live my life differently, as a coach, speaker and teacher, a great friend, lover and Animal carer I aim to show others who are ready to listen a new way to go, a ‘higher level living’ If you will..

I do DAILY LIVE video blogs and written posts to help those that are willing to listen..

If you wanna stick around and find out more?

Click some more of the links on this page or simply get onto my ’non spammy’,
daily motivational emails (with the link below) Which will kick you up the arse for better living with less anxiety and more joy..

Maybe I’m not the guy for you?..

But If you’ve read this far, allow your curiosity to guide you, no hard sell here

just do what feels right

Peace and love

Luke X

Amazon Best Selling Author

‘HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING’ is a foundational self-help and personal development book from the perspective of a ‘regular man’.

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Spiritual Guide

Luke helps uplift and level up the relationships and intimate lives of people everywhere.

Lifestyle & Confidence Coach

Luke deals with anxiety and coaches people on living a happier, healthier & stronger life.

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Through his own experiences, Luke mentor’s people of all backgrounds to help them achieve their ambitions.

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Motivational Speaker

He’s a motivational speaker who talks no bullshit; A tell you how it is, ‘Kick you up the arse’  kinda guy.

He does corporate events, too!

A Regular Guy

He’s a cat daddy with a passion for great coffee, board games and heavy metal music!

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