The ‘urges’ Men get

I understand the ‘urges’ men go through..

And just how easy it is to immediately ‘fix’

In the palm of our hands

At the touch of our fingertips

Is technology.. 

That provides Immediate gratification

No matter what

Imagery that can send us wild

That when coupled with a quick ‘hand movement’

Helps us ‘let go’ for a few minutes

And Help us ‘empty’ our problems..

Problem comes though..

When we ‘fill up’ again..

We just, ‘rinse and repeat’ the cycle

Not allowing ourselves the gift of ‘holding back’..

Developing patience

And Self control..

It’s been about 12-13 weeks since I last masturbated..

And I do plan to go the entirety of 2019 without doing so..

And I FULLY understand that masturbation

Is perceived as ‘normal’ and ‘common’ behaviour

However, coming from a guy with a self confessed ‘addictive’ personality

I actively admit cheating in past relationships 

I’ve been very open about this

And being ‘shackled’ and often

A ‘slave’ I guess you could say

To the ‘pussy’

You may read those words as harsh, or ‘offensive’ 

And there’s NOTHING I can do about that my friend

I’m simply sharing the truth from a Mans perspective

See, I used to use masturbation and porn as an addictive behaviour

That lead to further addictive behaviours

That didn’t play out too well

Which When used incorrectly, with an ‘addictive’ mindset?..

It’s not the most useful behavior

You know, Evidence now shows relationship breakups

And marriage adultery rates are the highest ever

I think a BIG part of this is down to pornography and Addictive masturbation..

And viewing that behaviour as ’normal’ and ‘harmless’

And to some?  

They have a great relationship, great sex life and actively watch porn together

And masturbate

And hey, If thats the case, this post probably ain’t for you..

But for me personally?..

(And many men I’ve helped)

The behaviour we’ve done since we were 12 years old

Becomes (like overeating/drinking) 

A habit..

Brought about by repeated behaviour

SO any chance we get, we know that, that habit provides ‘relief’

But If we follow that ‘relief’ anytime we’re stressed or bored?..

Why, would we ever choose the harder route Of holding back?..

You know, Restriction is NOT punishment

If It’s for a greater cause

I KNOW When I ‘hold back’ 

I’m more passionate and ‘up for it’

I’m more constructive in Training

I’m more energetic in life

I have more self control with other choices

Like Showing up to Training because I want to Focus on something positive and constructive

Instead of feeling the need to distract all the time

And one takeaway I’d like you to consider today

If you continually choose what is ‘Easy’..

You life will become Hard..

But If you Choose what is maybe ‘Hard’..

Your life becomes easy

And I know what type of life I’d rather choose

Luke ’Sex before masturbation’ Harrison