Overthinking help..


It’s FULL of surprises

Full of Wonder, Awe and Inspiration

But also Full of tragedy, Pain and Heartache…

But what separates the two?..

Quite simply..

Our own thoughts and beliefs..

What we believe to be true, we will FEEL..

Problems come when we start believing thoughts we have that aren’t even True

For Example:

‘’What If It all goes wrong?’’

a VERY common, often overwhelming and confusing thought we have

Which, when we overthink kicks in, causes us to make up a hundred 

Different scenarios about what ‘could’ or ‘might’ Happen

Causing us immense pain and discomfort 

A famous man once said

‘’I’ve had a lot of terrible things come my way in life..  

Most of which, never actually happened’’

And I believe that to be true for many of us

We have anxiety of SO many things that never actually develop into anything

So how do we stop this perpetual ‘Overthinking’?..

We must start understanding..

Because Understanding is the key to stop overthinking

Luke ‘clear and focused’ Harrison