After 10 Malibu’s and a Big Mac Meal

(Yes I’m still human)

I Was down London seeing one of my Favourite bands ‘SOILWORK’ this past Monday

And after the show Me and my best pal got into a pretty interesting conversation about life

Thankfully not being too ‘wankered’

We managed a pretty interesting debate over several Malibu’s

About emotions and the subject of why people feel certain ways

And we narrowed it down to this..

In Life, there are only two emotions:


All the others, are just ‘labels’ of these two emotions

You’re ‘Angry’?..

You’re most likely ‘Fearful’ in some way

You’re ‘Excited’

You’re feeling a form of LOVE or FEAR ( depending on how you perceive it)

And moment to moment, day by day

We’re bombarded with MANY different emotions and feelings from 

Regret, overwhelm, insecurity, anxiety, sadness, confusion etc

The list goes on

But I need you to consider this 

Did you know the only two fears you’re born with 

Are the FEAR of Falling

And the FEAR of loud noises

Those are inbuilt in us as humans

But as we grow, from ages around 2 – 10

We’re conditioned to feel other emotions

Jealousy, isolation, greed, hopelessness etc..

But Isn’t it crazy how prior to 2 years old 

All we really knew was LOVE?..

Sure, we’d cry for attention

But that was because we wanted LOVE

Food, warmth and comfort

And If we crapped in our nappy?..

We wouldn’t be looking around the room terrified of others opinion of us

Thinking to ourself ‘’I’m a loser, what’s everyone gonna think of me?! I can’t believe I’m so stupid!’’

We DONT think that as a child

We are just ourselves

And we KNOW the importance of love 

But now?..

We have so many fears and struggles with self judgment

Things are never ‘good enough’

We’re always comparing and having a hard time ‘fitting everything in’

A constant feeling of ‘lack’ ensues us every day

So we operate from a place of FEAR

Because, ultimately we fear 3 things:




We fear we’re going to have ‘less’ of a good time If we don’t drink (Even If we maybe don’t want to)

So we feel pressured into doing so

So we don’t get judged..

We fear we’re going to have LESS than someone else, or what others ‘Expect’ of us

So we cripple ourselves into working HARDER 

To validate our success to others

EVEN at the expense of our own personal health and relationships

We fear being able to experience the life we truly desire

So we make choices to justify why It’s ‘different’ for us

‘’I don’t have time’’

‘’I can’t afford it’’

Creep in..

You CANNOT break free, from your negative, Non serving emotions 

IF you’re operating from a FEAR based mindset 

the way to Challenge this is to answer with complete honesty this Question: 


^^ Read that Again

5 words right there that could change your life FOREVER

What would LOVE do now for you?..

How would it act?..

Would it drink too much?

Would it smoke too much?

Would it say ‘NO’ To exercise?

Would it Shout at the kids?

Would it feel the need to prove itself right?

Would it really tell you how ‘pathetic’ and ‘weak’ you are?

Would it harshly judge you?..


FEAR would do those things

And all that stands between YOU and what you WANT from this life

Is your choices and actions

Luke ‘Understands Love’ Harrison