”I just couldn’t help myself!”

^^ How often do you use those words?

It’s funny, Because I’ve used them THOUSANDS of times over the years

Then Followed up with the behaviour of eating too much, 

Drinking too much, sleeping around too much 

And Before or after those ‘events’ I’d say ‘’I just can’t/Couldn’t help myself’’

Now, consider If you’d started saying instead

‘’I’m quite tempted by that choice, However _________’’

And you insert something constructive in it’s place

I GUARANTEE If you eliminate certain phrases from your vocabulary 

You’ll see bigger results in your life

I don’t think we understand the impact LANGUAGE has on our experiences 

It’s one of our most POWERFUL forms of communication 

But you know who it has the most profound effect on?..


Much more than others..

It’s the things WE say that determine our actions

Be VERY mindful of what you say to others and yourself

And the next time you’re ‘gonna cave’

Restrict yourself from saying ‘’I Just can’t help myself’’

Because by saying that

You’re basically giving yourself permission to fail

You literally ARE telling yourself (and often others) 

That It’s ok because you’re Weak

You are NOT Weak

You CHOOSE to be..

Based upon your thoughts, beliefs, language and Actions

Language being a PRIME part that you can actively change

It just takes a little conscious thought

And Active application

Luke ‘Is Frequently tempted, However____’ Harrison