If you struggle to feel enough..

Most of us live in this state where we believe we have to ‘get’ more 

Or be ‘Further’ ahead to feel validated

We’ve been conditioned into this mindset of putting a priority on 

‘Having’ and ‘Getting’ 

 As apposed to

‘Being’ and ‘Becoming’

And the Latter is never really taught to us

From a young age schools ‘grade’ us on how smart we supposedly are

By a system created and designed to help us ‘have’ more as we grow

More Money so we can buy a house and support a family

More Knowledge so we can impress potential employers

More Skills so we can ‘get ahead’ in whatever we choose

But we’re taught that If grades are ‘low’ 

And If performance is ‘bad’

That WE must be ‘Bad’

Which therefore often leads to punishment

at a young age..

From Parents, Detention etc..

We think that ‘low’ = ‘bad’

So we learn harsh judgment and criticism so well

And so frequently 

It follows us into our adult lives

And so when this mindset is engraved into us

It’s hard to ‘let go’ and be at peace with who we are

Always feeling we need to ‘get’ more

More accolades

More Money

Better Performances 

More Frequent appraisal 

And the Search never stops

The constant stress of ‘work/grind/hustle/suffer’ now mentality 

Is driven into us without consideration of the deeper truth

That happiness?..

Is wanting what you have..

Some of us need to let go..

Of this old school mindset that we have to suffer to progress

When in actuality 

you WILL progress further when you STOP Suffering

Suffering is a CHOICE

And most of us choose it because we can’t deal with Success

We haven’t learned to find success in the small things

You know like the fact that you might of drank more water today

Or didn’t shout at the kids this morning

Or you felt less tired and Did something nice for someone 

You got to enjoy a walk with the dog today

You see, many of us are walking through life neglecting the wonderful things we actively experience

The actual luxuries MANY on this planet DONT have

So we’re always operating from a place of lack

And scarcity

Where everything..

Is never enough..

Here’s some truth 

You may not have all that you want..

But you sure have everything you NEED 

The fact that you’re still breathing

You can still walk and have a roof over your head

Drink clean water

And the fact you DO have people who love and believe in you

One of those people

Is ME..

Luke ‘you are enough’ Harrison