When Yoda Tells it straight..

I remember watching Star Wars as a kid

And Being called ‘Luke’

It was common place for people to say ”I am your father”

Whenever I introduced myself

Yes it got a little old after a while

And I actually started to feel some resistance Saying my name sometimes 

Because I KNEW what was coming

But It was always a friendly conversation that ensued 

As I kid I just liked to rebel and roll my eyes I guess..

However, Whenever YOU feel resistance to doing something 

Let say, something That will likely make you feel good

That ‘feeling’ is explaining to you That through the resistance, 

likely something great will come

You know Diamonds are formed from Coal being put under EXTREME pressure

And a little pressure, or I guess you could even say ‘Force’

Never hurt anyone

In fact, a little ‘force’ could be beneficial 

You know in Star Wars, The character Luke Skywalker 

Had to develop his ‘skill’ of the ways of the Force 

Through years of discipline

Practicing his craft in ‘The way of the force’

in order to BE with it

Make it a part of him

But what most people don’t understand 

(and what the movie doesn’t show in great detail)

is the (likely) thousands of hours Spent mastering ‘the’ skill

Even a skill that he was already pretty good at

(He at least had a little talent)

You see, When it comes to getting yourself in shape

You already have everything you need

You likely have a body that works

Sure, it may not be to the ‘standard’ you’d like

But It’s there, and always ready to be changed

It’s our MINDS that stop us moving forward

We all want to experience ‘The Force’ (so to say)

That is to feel powerful, strong and fast

But we’re not doing the f*cking work!

So we can’t expect a higher level of living 

If we don’t apply the necessary levels of discipline 

of quite simply 


(Do you think Luke Skywalker said, ‘’Nah, I’m not motivated today, the Lightsaber practice will have to wait’’)

See, the ‘work’ ain’t scary


That make it so…

‘’What If I can’t do whats expected?’’

‘’What If I look like a dick compared to everyone else?!’’

‘’What If I do it, but then can’t keep it up and look like a failure?’’

‘’What If I just quit after a week like I always do?!’’

‘’What If someone shows me up?’’

‘’What If It’s a waste of time and money?’’

”What If I’m the fattest in the room?”

All YOUR mind, playing tricks on you

Telling you what you WANT to hear, 

But NOT what you NEED to hear..

Your Brain keeps you procrastinating BECAUSE of your thoughts

Your thoughts keep you safe!

But to develop a Jedi mind?..

You gotta take risks

You gotta step up and DO

Just like Yoda Said

‘’Do.. Or Do Not.. There is no try’’

SO Make that call/send that message/Step the fuck up..

Or don’t

Your choice

Luke ‘Skywalker’ Harrison