The BEST Compliment EVER?..

One of the BIGGEST compliments I’ve ever received is the following:


Expressed a while back from a client who still works with me actually..

But to me, this is HUGE success..

To be the guy that someone has faith in..

That has a level of KNOWING that they’ll be helped and guided

You see, this thing called Trust?..

Is one of the HARDEST things we as humans struggle to develop

We fear past rejections and disappointments re surfacing again

So we hide and confide in what we know

Mostly staying still and feeling stuck

And To reach out to someone is tough business because

There’s always that fear of trusting that person

With a world full of liars and charlatans

Fake online pictures and transformations

Disheartened purchases and investments

It’s often overwhelming to know just who to trust

One thing that I’ve learned over the years

Always trust your gut..

Not your head

That sh*t box will confuse you

(Lets be honest, It’s often wrong)

Over justifying why you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’

But at some point, there will be that ‘feeling’


You often won’t be able to explain it..

It’s a feeling that compels you to reach out..

A feeling thats more lights and exciting than most others..

That could even bring about what could be classed as ‘nerves’

An elevated heart rate

Even a little ‘impatient’ and ‘irritated’ demeanour

Something that comes up every now and again that says silently

‘’Go for it!’’

And It’s almost as If your body physically reaches forward

To ‘get’ that something before you make a decision

Let me tell you those feelings (mostly)..

Are usually RIGHT

And are what YOU need to follow more..

Problem is though, we follow what comes afterwards

The excuses

The reasons of ‘’Ah yeah, I would but ____________’’

Then time and money start to be quantified And justified

And before you know it?..

The story in your mind plays out that dampens those initial excited moments

And gets you to ease those emotions as you talk yourself out of making a BIG decision

So you say ’’NO’’

When you should of said ”yes!’’

So you feel immediate gratification

A mild sense of ‘ahh’

Because the pressures then off

Momentarily, until….

The REAL anxiety creeps back

The overwhelm

The frustration

Then the worry of ‘‘What If?’’

The terrifying prospect of ‘’What when?’’

Then you start to judge yourself for not taking the chance in the first place

Feeling even worse about previous decisions

Then Doubting whether it’s too late

Looking for alternatives with someone or something else

Because you’ve felt like a dick NOT doing what you said you would

Perhaps this sounds familiar?..

There’s two lessons I’d like you to take from this..

  1.  Follow Excitement! Which can often be mistaken for FEAR.  If It feels ‘light’, Don’t STOP the flow.  Go with it..
  2. If you’ve reached out to me, in the past then NOT followed up?  Believe me, your’e one of many.  Who I have NO judgment on, only a complete understanding, So I just want you to know..
I always Appreciate you
Luke ‘Heart not Head’ Harrison