You SHOULDN’T listen to me If…

You’re wanting to cover your eyes to the problems you’re currently facing

You SHOULDN’T listen to me If 

You feel you’ve ‘figured it all out’ and ‘heard it all before’

You SHOULDN’T listen to me If 

You’re wanting someone to come save you, mother you, wrap you in cotton wool and hold your hand to a result

You SHOULDN’T listen to me If 

You Expect to get a result VERY quickly, then return to your usual behaviour and expect the result to last

You SHOULDN’T listen to me If 

If you’re offended by profanity or the Truth


You SHOULD Listen to me If

You’re prepared to STEP UP from the current level you’ve been operating at

And change the DAILY actions that have brought you to your current place

You SHOULD Listen to me If

You’re ready to STOP making excuses and  NEED a kick up the arse from your own bullshit

You SHOULD Listen to me If

You’ve struggled with accepting yourself and others opinion of you

You know I understand that in life?..

People mostly relate to PEOPLE

Not programs, gadgets, apps or ‘things’

WE all relate to REAL people

And unfortunately with a world of online fake ness

It’s difficult to find trust in people

Perhaps you’ve been previously judged

ridiculed, abused, bullied, ripped off and left seriously disheartened by an experience 

You are NOT alone

In fact, those emotions and situations 

Happen so frequently now

That it’s no wonder we al have our guard up

But one thing I’ve came to realise is the importance of trusting in yourself

Your gut..

When something just feels right

It very often is..

Likewise If something feels wrong

Like a feeling of dis-ease (a ‘heaviness’ in the gut)

Likelihood is..

It’s NOT the right move

No matter what someone else says

How many times have you experienced saying ‘’Yes!’’

When you should of said ‘’No!’’

And hey it’s ok, me too!

It’s more important that ever now to KNOW your body

Understand your feelings and what they’re telling you 

You’re in control MORE than you think

And often, It’s just the self confidence and physical energy missing

From noticing and making the right (and often much more useful) decision 

Luke ‘FEEL IT’ Harrison