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’’My biggest Goal in the next 3 months is I want a Smile on my Face’’..

^^^ NOT my words, but the words spoken from a lovely lad who said this recently to me before joining up to the Total Fitness Tribe There was a smirk on the phone from me.. Because I have this deep KNOWING that thats EXACTLY what this guy was gonna get.. He told me: ‘’I want […]

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Self Confidence…

That thing you say you TRULY desire.. Yet you’re doing everything you can to prevent it from expanding You’re resisting feeling good Thats why you’re spending too much time sedating With WORK, SOCIAL MEDIA, ALCOHOL, FOOD, PORN AND GAMBLING Maybe even cocaine?.. I know you’ve had a gym membership for a long time But you […]

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If you want to build more Passion in your relationship..

If you want to feel more Powerful together.. If you want to be more Productive when you’re away from her.. If you want to feel like you can Perform better INSIDE, and OUTSIDE the bedroom.. Date her.. One night a week.. WITHOUT YOUR PHONE… Create the connection.. Stop just expecting it.. You’re welcome ❤️ #datenight

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”It’s not ‘official’ till It’s on Facebook!”

It’s been near 3 years.. And we STILL haven’t updated our relationship status on Facebook.. Many don’t think It’s even ‘official’ or ‘real’ I mean, How can we actually cope.. Right? 😉 But here’s some truth We started slow We started ‘our own way’ I guess you could say We didn’t (and still don’t) Feel the […]

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I told you I’d share my favourite sex position with you….

(maybe you can find it in the picture below 😉) The picture that you see here Is something I drew myself, last week.. Now, it tells a story… Personally I’ve always thought ‘’I’m a crap drawer’’ ‘’I’m a shit artist’’ ‘’I can’t draw to save my life’’ So over the years, I’ve AVOIDED drawing Because I […]

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At the end of every session we celebrate..

With a fist in the air, a smile and a loud vocal “BOOM!” We then proceed (after the photo) to High-Fiving each other, and say with a smile to each other, with sweat dripping off our faces.. “Well done!” It re affirms that we all give a shit about each other.. Community.. MATTERS

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