Bottom line, quick and easy is simply this….


There really are just 2 fundamental reasons people don’t have success in life, relationships, business/job satisfaction/study, weight loss/mental health (or anything else).


1. Mindset. (your own Perspective)


That is by far the largest reason. The Number ONE reason you either achieve.. Or don’t


2. Time Efficiency/management.


People often mistake ‘busy’ for ‘productive’. They create ‘goals’ with no viable strategy to meet them. ‘goal setting’ hardly ever works without the foundations of a strong mindset and thats why we keep ‘falling off the wagon’, get angry and discontent, then live in sedation after sedation and wonder why we’re always falling down in anxiety after anxiety state or not really understanding why we’re often feeling ‘off track’. And / or people have no real plan outside of working their assess off and always doing for others (which never works long-term).


Mindset is the foundation though. Looking after YOU, The key to a better world. In the absence of a quality Mindset, nothing will ever work sustainably. 

My #Calmmotherfuckers online one to one Mentorship is an 8 week program that is just you and I (not in a group setting). I provide FULL guidance, 8-weekly lessons, a game-plan and accountability along the way. 

You and I communicate once EVERY DAY in a private forum and speak once per week via Skype or phone call (these calls have at times went on for up to two hours. 

 I’m prepared to give you everything I have to make sure you succeed). 

I’m here to listen, understand and believe in you, just for reaching out about this. 

I’m not here to judge you..

The entire program is not cheap, and Is only for the dedicated..

I only allow myself to take on Maximum 2 clients at a time (because of the other business’ I own and the daily care, support and attention you’ll receive, you can imagine I cannot serve everybody at one time). 

So You will be one of these select people should you choose to fill in this form and be accepted..

There are No pressure or harsh ‘sales tactics’ from me here. 

You hopefully have all the information in this message, so do what feels right for you (you always will) and let me know If you’d like to move forward by filling in your details in the form below..

If this offer and information speaks to you, We can have a great chat about moving you forward on the phone very soon (or in person if need be) to help you become one calm motherfucker and help you succeed in all areas of your life..

If you’re serious about moving forward, and require in depth, one to one coaching with me..

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Luke X



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