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Anxiety, Anger and a TOTAL loss of sex drive..

I was becoming more distant with my family, I was becoming lazy..

Without being in pubs, I didn’t think I could socialise..

James Holloway, 28 – Business Advisor

‘’There’s never been a time in my life where I haven’t struggled with my weight. I remember going for runs with my Dad as a teenager and it being a problem even then! I tried so many crash diets and gyms but had no idea what I was doing, I landed a job I was really bored with and was living in a place I hated, life had to change..

Overall, Total Fitness Tribe has been SO many things for me, Fitness and strength I could of never imagined. A great group of incredibly supportive people who are always there for encouragement (or a kick up the arse!) and the realisation that any unhappiness I had was down to me choosing NOT to be in a great environment! I’m still fighting through but know that Luke and everyone else at TFT is on the same journey, meaning we all have each others backs. It feels great to be part of something.

James ‘Thank you All!’ Holloway


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Mik Brown, 39 – Project Leader

”A LOT can happen in 12 weeks…

How many people can relate to this?

I was always tired, lethargic, grumpy and generally feeling pretty crap. I had a 3 year old daughter and another on the way and needed to stop the rut.

I wanted to be a dad that runs and plays with kids, keeping them active so I’d tried all sorts of diets and home workouts but it was too easy to “do it later”.

I found myself being religiously strict early in the week but by the end of the week?.. I was eating shite and thinking I’ll start again Monday… read more


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Colin Kennedy, 42 – Regional Planning Manager

”I crumbled emotionally again. I called my wife from a hotel in tears , my lifestyle was being driven by a bereavement that I had failed to deal with several years earlier…

Before I joined the Total Fitness Tribe I was 1lb shy of 16 stone, the heaviest I have been in my life, and steadily getting bigger.

As my weight increased, my confidence reduced to the point I would make excuses and not go out.

I would put in long hours at work, come home tired and ratty, eat far too many carbs and drink too much alcohol and retire to ‘my man cave’ to watch TV late into the night.

On mornings I would wake up unrefreshed and dread the coming day, trying to limp through to the weekend when I could sit in ‘my man cave’ undisturbed drinking alcohol. Looking back I was becoming reclusive and slowly alienating myself from my family and friends… read more


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Michael Conroy, 31 – construction worker

”Before joining The Total Fitness Tribe with Luke, I fell into the trap of working so much that I was neglecting myself, I told myself I didn’t have time to train or prep healthy food and the thought of spending any money or time on myself brought on a strong feeling of guilt!

I was surviving on caffeine and sugar and was piling the weight back on. I had low blood sugar and was often getting lightheaded and having dizzy spells, My confidence was on the floor, I felt trapped and very anxious as a man.

I knew I needed something, but knew a regular gym or training on my own wouldn’t cut it, as it wouldn’t take long for me to convince myself I should be spending the time working instead… read more


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Anth Roberts, 35 – Nissan Employee

‘So since joining Total Fitness Tribe with Luke I can not emphasise how much the whole thing has helped me, not just physically but for me, more so mentally…

I feel that comfortable in this (what we call) family, to let people know this. Only a close few family members (until now) know that I suffer from ptsd and was on anti depressants from my time in the army this last year.

I was in a very dark place over Christmas where I was actually considering my existence on this earth, and thought people were better off without me and dealing with my shit, but I can honestly say that the last few months with total Fitness Tribe has been one of the huge things that has changed my mind set and to push on to be the person I feel Im ment to be… read more


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Jonny B, 34 – DPD Driver

”New years eve came, I stood in my bedroom looking for clothes to wear to go to a friends new years eve party (which I just wasn’t feeling up to as I didn’t feel good about myself), feeling low and now struggling to find something to wear as the jeans that I had worked hard to fit into were now too tight, and all my bigger jeans I threw away to burn my bridges with as I never wanted to wear them again..

The only thing I could wear was jogging bottoms so feeling incredibly down, I stood in my bedroom thinking how the fuck did I get back here when before October was looking so good? During this moment I received an text message from Luke, a very nice surprise as I didn’t even realise he had my number, but glad he did.

I had been following Luke and The Total fitness Tribe (TFT) for approximately 2 years or more and I would always feed myself bull shit and say ”yeah I’ll join that soon” though with never really making any plans to do so… read more


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Richie S, 40 – DPD Manager

‘’My weight has been up and down the past ten years, I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety too. Over the past few years I’ve joined gyms and even been with personal trainers but always ended up giving in. My heart just wasn’t in it..

After a family holiday and seeing a photo of myself I realised I can’t go on like this anymore, I’m slowly killing myself!

I needed the right kind of motivation to get myself into a routine and keep me going, thats where Luke and the Total Fitness tribe came in. The support from everyone is unreal and the way Luke tells you straight, well thats what I need to give me the kick..

I don’t need the scales to tell me I’ve lost weight, my clothes are telling me. I’ve started to wear nice clothes again and I feel great! In just a few months I’ve went from the Dad who didn’t want to leave the house to feeling more confident and having bags more energy to actually DO things with my kids!

Richie ’This is the start of my journey’ Sinclair


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Glenn S, 38 – Electrician

‘’Before Total Fitness Tribe, I was in a bit of a bad place physically and mentally, basically a fat, ratty bastard who drank 3-4 times a week heavily, living on takeaways and shit food, totally unfit and snappy with my family..

Thankfully now, after having Total Fitness Tribe in my life for a few months I feel like a different person, I’ve dropped over 3 stone, and dropped from a 40 inch waist to a 34 inch! I can go and buy clothes now WITHOUT having to ask for a size with a few extra ‘XXX’s. It’s completely changed my body shape and personal self confidence..

I feel a lot calmer and my heads definitely in a better place, so happier for everyone all round.

TFT is an excellent group to be part of and I’ve met some REALLY good people and some great friends for life. Thanks to everyone but especially Luke from the first phone call, EVERYTHING has been immense!

Glenn ’no longer a ratty bastard’ Stephenson


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Kyle Wilson, 30 – Social Worker

‘’I’ve always been a regular gym goer, but always struggled with getting to the next level. I have to say I’ve never experienced an atmosphere like Total Fitness Tribe, the training and advice I’ve received has given me the knowledge I need to go further!

Kyle ‘Bring on the future!’ Wilson


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Paul Stratford, 61 – Manufacturing Director

”Where to start, writing this is going to be more difficult than I’d anticipated…

I was lacking self confidence, life not very good on both a personal and work level,

very low self esteem, generally not in a good place.

I wanted to be fit, healthy and get in shape, a little toned, and be more confident,

but in truth, I lacked the motivation, and I needed to be a part of something, I simply, really needed some help..

I knew someone who attended Total Fitness Tribe and I saw the benefits they were getting, so I attended one of Lukes seminars. I was impressed with what Total Fitness Tribe and Luke offered… read more


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