‘So since joining Total Fitness Tribe with Luke I can not emphasise how much the whole thing has helped me, not just physically but for me, more so mentally…

I feel that comfortable in this (what we call) family, to let people know this. Only a close few family members (until now) know that I suffer from ptsd and was on anti depressants from my time in the army this last year.

I was in a very dark place over Christmas where I was actually considering my existence on this earth, and thought people were better off without me and dealing with my shit, but I can honestly say that the last few months with total Fitness Tribe has been one of the huge things that has changed my mind set and to push on to be the person I feel Im ment to be.

Thank you so much. People have always mention how better I look now but the people who know what I have went through these last couple of years can see how I have changed mentally with a much more positive outlook on life and now I don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed not to share this secret anymore.

I hope to continually keep in touch with all the people that have had such a positive affect on my life, all my love and thoughts go out to all of you

Anthony ‘proud’ Roberts

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