”New years eve came, I stood in my bedroom looking for clothes to wear to go to a friends new years eve party (which I just wasn’t feeling up to as I didn’t feel good about myself), feeling low and now struggling to find something to wear as the jeans that I had worked hard to fit into were now too tight, and all my bigger jeans I threw away to burn my bridges with as I never wanted to wear them again..

The only thing I could wear was jogging bottoms so feeling incredibly down, I stood in my bedroom thinking how the fuck did I get back here when before October was looking so good? During this moment I received an text message from Luke, a very nice surprise as I didn’t even realise he had my number, but glad he did.

I had been following Luke and The Total fitness Tribe (TFT) for approximately 2 years or more and I would always feed myself bull shit and say ”yeah I’ll join that soon” though with never really making any plans to do so..

I guess I feared being such an huge guy and feeling I’m not ready for it yet

So, having had a short conversation through text I made my decision then that I would like to join the TFT with Luke offering me his help, so I went out that night feeling nervous but also excited to move forward.

Following day, we arranged a phone call, me and Luke had quite an long conversation, feeling a little emotional as he was reading out an old e-mail from over 2 years ago I sent him about my interest in joining the TFT.

Though I bottled it at the time, so my conversation really made me realise where my life was heading if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and change. I knew speaking to Luke, that this was the guy that was going to help me to get to where I need to be within a better and happier life..

So once offered the opportunity of joining, I immediately accepted, first session was on Wednesday 3rd January and was incredibly hard I guess even though I knew was going to be tough it was still a big shock to the system and once the session finished

I went into a near panic attack as my breathing was way out of control!!

Though Luke was immediately by my side talked me through it and within, I dunno, 20 seconds.. I was good, during meditation at end of session I got very emotional I guess the sense of achievement finishing such an painful session and the togetherness off the whole group was just something really special.

A the start of each training session here, Luke will say the most inspiring words never realised just how powerful few words can be,

Luke has helped me so much am so grateful for his help, my jeans that were too tight on new years eve?..

Well, I can’t wear them now as they’re too big!

I am feeling amazing, never felt so fit, strong, healthy, happy, and with more energy, Luke really pumps that self belief in to me..

I am massively grateful to him and I now also have a good friend in him. massively appreciate all the guys at TFT too..

Everyone gives so much support to each other a lot of togetherness, a lot of respect as everyone appreciates everyones effort, as painful as the sessions get,

its a real joy, we all smile and laugh together I absolutely love it and my weight is no longer my main focus

I just focus on my training and foods, my eating still needs some working on as I still eat too many treats

Though only 9 weeks in, I’m a work in progress,

Was a surprise receiving this award this morning

It really means a lot, thank you so much Luke and to all of my TFT family love to you all”

Jonny ‘determined’ Jessimer-Brown

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