”Before joining The Total Fitness Tribe with Luke, I fell into the trap of working so much that I was neglecting myself, I told myself I didn’t have time to train or prep healthy food and the thought of spending any money or time on myself brought on a strong feeling of guilt!

I was surviving on caffeine and sugar and was piling the weight back on. I had low blood sugar and was often getting lightheaded and having dizzy spells, My confidence was on the floor, I felt trapped and very anxious as a man.

I knew I needed something, but knew a regular gym or training on my own wouldn’t cut it, as it wouldn’t take long for me to convince myself I should be spending the time working instead.

I’d been in great shape before and was embarrassed at how much I’d let myself go again so knew I needed a fresh start. I seen a testimonial from a Total Fitness Tribe member on Facebook and was inspired to follow Luke and see what he was about, I could see Luke has done a lot of work on himself and is an inspiring leader.

He not only shows the way, but lives it himself too, his passion for helping people is second to none. I messaged Luke and we arranged a phonecall, I was even anxious about the phonecall but was put at ease straight away and knew this was something I had to do.

I expected it to be tough but what I did not expect is the friendly atmosphere and togetherness that the tribe members show, an amazing inspiring group of people all supporting each other, the sessions can be hard work but we always have a laugh and enjoy every single session.

I can’t put into words the difference TFT and Luke has made to how I am feeling and my mindset. I know I am making progress and will continue to do so week in and week out. I also know I am truly blessed to be part of TFT, which is so much more than a gym, a programme or a class! It is a life changing experience, a lifestyle and a family

Michael ‘Feeling blessed’ Conroy

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