”Where to start, writing this is going to be more difficult than I’d anticipated…

I was lacking self confidence, life not very good on both a personal and work level,

very low self esteem, generally not in a good place.

I wanted to be fit, healthy and get in shape, a little toned, and be more confident,

but in truth, I lacked the motivation, and I needed to be a part of something, I simply, really needed some help..

I knew someone who attended Total Fitness Tribe and I saw the benefits they were getting, so I attended one of Lukes seminars. I was impressed with what Total Fitness Tribe and Luke offered!

After much turmoil and self doubt, I decided to have a go. I had my phone conversation with Luke on my application, a very long call, I could not believe during the call how many of my life boxes I opened which had been sealed and kept away in the dark for too many years, and this with a man I had only met once!

In the past, and recently I dabbled with a gym membership for a few years, going through the motions a couple of times a week, same exercise routine, not changing anything else in my life, and surprise, surprise there was never any result, or much improvement.

All I got for my efforts was a hernia, a personal flaw, try to punch above my weight in the gym environment. For many years I was always the thin kid/ bloke which sometimes made life ‘difficult, ‘and then came the belly, which was never a good look, and sadly was often even proud of it!

A few pints regularly would help keep it, plus the Dicksons mince pies.

I have often got myself involved in events, Great North Run, London/Paris Cycle Ride, Coast to Coast, European cycling holidays etc and do a minimum of training/preparation and yet get through it, but before the event worry that I will not be able to complete, instead of the mind-set, ‘how well am I going to do’ and enjoying the anticipation. This was also my fear at the start of Total Fitness Tribe, ”will I get through the session?”

I distinctly remember entering the training facility, and being bemused, no fancy machines, and no Mirrors all along the walls. I found everyone was so friendly, (not in gym isolation mode) Luke’s drive and constant motivation was infectious, that, coupled with the exercise regimes, which were all new to me, I found really awesome!

The diet change has been a revelation, seeing everyone’s meals and regimes, I know I still have a way to go, but compared to what it was, It’s a huge change.

I now think about what I am going have to eat. I Had also never done Facebook, now have some good friends on there.

For a few reasons I had a stop and start with Total Fitness Tribe a while back but now I’ve got a personal elephant out of the room, I intend to make it part of my life. I feel more self confident, have a more positive mind-set and feel so much better for it, belly is almost gone!

A sense of well being. I’ve Even had a few compliments!

The tribe are amazing, each and everyone, and I feel privileged to be part of it, when I am last to complete a certain task, they’re all are cheering, encouraging me, and the genuine praise for each other during and especially at the end of a session, is really quite something special, I just feel a sense of belonging here.

I Wish TFT had been around, even just 10 years ago mate.

So huge thanks to you Luke and everyone there, its on wards and upward, Together!

Paul ‘The Bat’ Stratford

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